DubeauTrudeau Photographie de fleurs

Two Artists with a Shared Passion

Flower portraitists? At first, it made us laugh. Then, it became an obvious choice. In our studio, we photograph flowers. Lots of flowers. Nothing but flowers.

We work as a team from start to finish. The pleasure we take to design and shape our flower portraits is matched only by the pleasure of sharing this work with you!


François has been drawing and playing music since his childhood. He began photography in his teenage years. After graduating in Communications Studies, François worked in Public Relations and Marketing. In 1999, he cofounded Prose inc. His artistic production never stopped developping. Very early, he integrated modern technologies to his process.

François started showing his drawings in 2005, mainly in the United States. So far, he has had four solo exhibitions and has participated in more than fifty group exhibitions. From 2012 to 2015, he was President of the Circuit des Arts Memphrémagog.


Sophie began photography when she was a teenager. Still in high school, she started working in a professional photography studio where she learned a lot about photography, from setting cameras on the set to developping negatives and prints in the darkrooms. Her favorite part has always been printing. Around the year 2000, she switched to digital photography. To this day, she takes care of every step of the creative process, including printing.

After a career as a French teacher then as a prolific schoolbook writer, Sophie decided to do only flower photography. In 2015 and 2019, she presented her work at le Circuit des Arts Memphrémagog.


DubeauTrudeau is a trademark belonging to Prose inc., a small Canadian company founded by Sophie Trudeau (President) and François Dubeau (Vice-president) in 1999.

For eighteen years, Prose's main business activities have been graphic design work, marketing of François' artistic work, as well as designing and writing schoolbooks for the teaching of French as a first language. Over time, Prose changed its main business focus. Nowadays, the main activities of Prose are centered around the artistic production of its two cofounders: François' drawings and DubeauTrudeau's fine art flower photography.

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